Necromancer Class Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online


The Necromancer Class in The Elder Scrolls Online are masters of the undead, raising corpses and ghosts to do their will. These Necromancer Builds are great for Beginner, Solo, Group, PVE and PVP Content!


Is Necromancer A Good Class In ESO?

The Necromancer Class in The Elder Scrolls Online is a great choice for all types of content and is in high demand particularly for group content because of it’s powerful debuffs. In terms of class theme and identity, Necromancers are pretty likely what you would expect: summoning Skeletal pets and other dark creatures to do your dirty work for you. The use of short duration pets, tethering abilities and corpse management makes the Necromancer one of the most unique and skillful classes in the game though it can be challenging to play, especially for newer players.

Necromancers excel in both PVE and PVP and are highly desired in both cases. Their powerful Ultimates can be a game changer when turning around a keep battle in Cyrodiil or for stacking Necromancers and burning bosses in PVE. In PVP especially, the Necromancer’s amazing Passive Skills let them survive longer than most classes and their ability to time their damage dealing abilities to all hit at once can result in big damage spikes. So. if you're interested in a summoner style build with great healing, defense and offensive capability that's strong in almost every area of the game then definitely check out the Necromancer class.


What Skills Are Best For The Necromancer?

The best Necromancer skill is Stalking Blastbones, which deals massive AOE damage to surrounding enemies.

Necromancers are summoning masters in The Elder Scrolls Online with many powerful short duration pets like Stalking Blastbones, Skeletal Arcanist and Skeletal Archer.

Necromancer Tanks will want to make consistent use of skills like Beckoning Armor for the extra resistances and to pull in enemies for easier crowd control.

Necromancer Healers can use skills like Blood Sacrifice for direct healing and Braided Tether for AOE healing.

PVP-focused Necromancers will want to make use of skills like Hexproof to remove negative effects.

The best Necromancer Ultimate is Glacial Colossus which does massive AOE damage while also debuffing them with Major Vulnerability to increase their damage taken from all others.


For more information on Necromancer Skills explore the Necromancer Class Skill Line Guides below.


What Weapons Are Best For The Necromancer?

The best weapon for a Necromancer in The Elder Scrolls Online is Dual Wield daggers. This weapon type is preferred for the increased Critical Chance that daggers obtain through the Twin Blade and Blunt passive.

If you prefer to play at range then a Staff or a Bow is a great option for the Necromancer class as well, as this will do a great job pairing with some of the Necromancer’s powerful ranged abilities.


What Armor Should a Necromancer Wear?

The best armor for the Necromancer class in The Elder Scrolls Online is medium armor, which provides bonuses to Critical Damage, Weapon and Spell Damage, Stamina Recovery and Cost Reduction of Stamina-based skills.

There are some exceptions to this rule, particularly if you prefer magicka-based skills. In this case you will want to prioritize light armor instead which boosts your Critical Chance, Offensive Penetration, Magicka Recovery and Magicka Cost Reduction.

Tanks as well as players interested in PVP will also want to invest in some solid Heavy Armor sets for the extra protection.

For more information on Armor Types in ESO check out our full guide here.


What Is The Best Race For Necromancer?

The best race for a Necromancer in The Elder Scrolls Online is Dark Elf due to their bonus Max Magicka and Max Stamina and increased Weapon and Spell Damage which provides better damage and sustain for all resource types.

It is important to note that sometimes other races can be preferred depending on what particular build you are trying to optimize for. For more details be sure to review our ESO Race Guides for each role.