Staving Death Tree CP Guide

by Hack The Minotaur

The Staving Death Constellation in The Elder Scrolls Online

Staving Death is a sub-constellation of the Warfare Tree in The Elder Scrolls Online Champion Points System that focuses on increasing player defense.

Players must put at least 10 Champion Points into Quick Recovery to unlock all other Champion Point Stars in Staving Death.


Staving Death Tree Champion Point Stars

The Staving Death Tree consists of 6 Champion Point Stars that can provide bonus effects to your character build in ESO. Some stars grant their bonus passively, while other stars must be Slotted on your Champion Point bar in order to take effect. Stars must be unlocked with Champion Points before you can use them.

For a detailed breakdown on how Champion Points work in The Elder Scrolls Online, refer to our Complete Champion Point Guide.

Click on a link below for more information on that Champion Point Star, including stages, sub-constellation, and prerequisite stars.

Elemental Aegis No

Reduces the damage you take from Magical attacks by 1% per stage. Affects Magic, Flame, Frost, and Shock. Maximum: 2%

Hardy No

Reduces the damage you take from Martial attacks by 1% per stage. Affects Physical, Poison, Disease, and Bleed Damage. Maximum: 2%

Ironclad Yes

Reduces your damage taken by direct damage attacks by 2% per stage. Maximum: 10%

Preparation No

Reduces your damage taken from non-player attacks by 5% per stage. Maximum: 10%

Resilience Yes

Grants 132 Critical Resistance per stage. Maximum: 660

Quick Recovery No

Increases your Healing Taken by 1% per stage. Maximum: 2%


Best Champion Point Stars in the Staving Death Tree

While you can unlock any Star of your choice in the Staving Death Tree if you have enough Champion Points, some Staving Death Stars are more useful than others. Our favorite stars in the Staving Death Tree are those that provide the strongest bonus in as many situations as possible.

For example, Preparation reduces your damage taken from non-player attacks by 10 percent. Resilience will also be especially useful for Critical Resistance if you plan on building a PVP character.

The best Champion Point Stars that you should focus on unlocking first in the Staving Death Tree are:


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