Templar Class Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online


The Templar Class in The Elder Scrolls Online calls upon the power of light and the burning sun to deal massive damage to their enemies. These Templar Builds are great for Beginner, Solo, Group, PVE and PVP Content!

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Is Templar A Good Class In ESO?

Templars are a very powerful and popular class in The Elder Scrolls Online for all types of playstyles. The theme of the templar centers around bringing the power of the Sun to the battlefield with skill lines like Dawns Wrath and Restoring Light. You can think of the Templar class as ESO’s version of a Paladin. Templars excel at both self-healing and group healing, and remain one of the strongest classes in the game since launch due to their strong defenses and passive healing potential. The Templar’s consistency and ease of play, particularly when using skills like Puncturing Sweep also make them a very good class for any beginner getting into ESO for the first time.


What Skills Are Best For The Templar?

The best Templar skill is Puncturing Sweep thanks to its strong AOE damage and constant self-healing.

Templars in The Elder Scrolls Online are Area Of Effect (AOE) specialists with more powerful abilities like Biting Jabs and Solar Barrage which makes the class particularly well-suited for clearing out large groups of enemies. Templar Damage Over Time (DOT) skills like Blazing Spear and Vampire’s Bane can also be very handy for longer fights.

Templar Tanks will want to make consistent use of skills like Channeled Focus and Restoring Focus for the extra Armor, Healing and Sustain.

Templar Healers tend to dominate end-game with their many powerful heals like Breath Of Life and Extended Ritual.

PVP-focused Templars will want to make use of the timed burst potential of skills like Power Of The Light and Purifying Light.

The best Templar Ultimate is Solar Prison which creates a massive Gravity Crush synergy for bonus damage and a stun.

For more information on Templar Skills explore the Templar Class Skill Line Guides below.


What Weapons Are Best For The Templar?

The best weapon for a Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online is the Destruction Staff. A Lightning Staff is recommended for AOE focused builds while an Inferno Staff is recommended for single-target focused builds.

For a melee or Stamina focused Templar a great option for your Primary Weapon will be either Dual Wield or Two-Handed. Both weapons do great damage while also offering powerful Damage Over Time (DOT) effects and some utility.


What Armor Should a Templar Wear?

The best armor for the Templar class in The Elder Scrolls Online is light armor, which provides bonuses to Critical Chance, Offensive Penetration, Magicka Recovery and Magicka Cost Reduction.

There are some exceptions to this rule, particularly if you prefer melee weapons and stamina-based skills. In this case you will want to prioritize medium armor instead which boosts your Critical Damage, Stamina Recovery and Stamina Cost Reduction.

Tanks as well as players interested in PVP will also want to invest in some solid Heavy Armor sets for the extra protection.

For more information on Armor Types in ESO check out our full guide here.


What Is The Best Race For Templar?

The best race for a Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online is High Elf due to their bonus Max Magicka, increased Weapon and Spell Damage and damage reduction while channeling.

It is important to note that sometimes other races can be preferred depending on what particular build you are trying to optimize for. For more details be sure to review our ESO Race Guides for each role.


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