Skeletal Arcanist

Necromancer Skills -> Grave Lord (Rank 30)

Skeletal Arcanist is a Skill in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Skill belongs to the Necromancer Class and is located in the Grave Lord Skill Line.

Skeletal Arcanist
Skeletal Arcanist
Cast Time: Instant
Target: Area
Radius: 4 meters
Cost: 4320 Magicka
Skill Description
Unearth a skeletal mage from the dirt to fight by your side for 16 seconds. The mage attacks the closest enemy every 2 seconds, dealing 290 Shock Damage to them and all other enemies nearby. Creates a corpse on death.
New Effect
The mage deals damage to all enemies around the initial target.

Skill Options

Base Skill: Skeletal Mage

Alternate Morph: Skeletal Archer

Champion Points Affecting This Skill

Elemental Expert

Elf Born

Master at Arms

Spell Erosion


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