Arctic Blast

Warden Skills -> Winter’s Embrace (Rank 20)

Arctic Blast is a Skill in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Skill belongs to the Warden Class and is located in the Winter’s Embrace Skill Line.

Arctic Blast
Arctic Blast
Cast Time: Instant
Target: Area
Radius: 6 Meters
Cost: 4050 Magicka
Skill Description
Envelop yourself in winter winds, instantly healing for 2258 Health and an additional 270 Health every 1 second over 5 seconds. While the effect persists the winds pulse outwards, dealing 154 Frost Damage every 1 second to nearby enemies. Enemies hit by this effect 3 times are stunned for 4 seconds. This healing from this ability scales with your Maximum Health.
New Effect
Enemies hit by the damage multiple times are stunned.

Skill Options

Base Skill: Arctic Wind

Alternate Morph: Polar Wind

Champion Points Affecting This Skill


Elemental Expert

Elf Born

Master at Arms

Quick Recovery

Spell Erosion


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