Noble Duelist

Noble Duelist is a Dungeon Set in The Elder Scrolls Online, found in the zone of Blessed Crucible. Noble Duelist comes in Light Armor as well as Weapons and Jewelry.


Noble Duelist Basic Information:

  • Type: Dungeon

  • Zone: Blessed Crucible

  • Weight: Light

  • Bind: On Pickup

  • DLC: None

Noble Duelist
LVL 50 - CP 160
(2 items) Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
(3 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
(4 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
(5 items) When you deal damage with a Light or Heavy Attack in melee range, you cause your Light and Heavy Attacks to deal an additional 2111 damage for 15 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds.

Noble Duelist Builds


Crushing Wall


Mark Of The Pariah