Item Set Collection Guide

What Is Item Set Collection In The Elder Scrolls Online?

by Hack The Minotaur

With the new Set Collections feature, you can see all Item Sets in ESO (except crafted), where they drop, and even their combat bonuses. Once an Item Set piece has been collected, Transmute Stations will allow you to reconstruct an infinite number of copies of that piece by spending Transmute Crystals.

The Set Collections Menu In ESO.

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How It Works

  • Under the Collections menu, you’ll find a new tab called “Sets” that categorizes all the dropped Item Sets in the game. By acquiring and binding an Item Set piece to your character, you will unlock the “sticker” of that slot.

  • Set Collection works with most types of item sets in the game with the exception of Crafted Sets. There are separate Set Collection Categories for: Overland Sets by Faction, DLC Overland Sets, Dungeon Sets, DLC Dungeon Sets, Trials, Arenas, PVP and Miscellaneous (includes Mythic Items).

  • Crafted Sets CANNOT Be Collected or Reconstructed.

  • As you collect more pieces in that set, the progress bar will slowly increase and the Transmute Crystal cost to reconstruct one of those set pieces will simultaneously decrease, encouraging you to collect all the pieces of each Item Set.

  • Keep in mind this new sticker book is not inventory space – you are free to do whatever you wish with the original item, such as selling to a vendor, deconstructing it or destroying it. You also don’t need to worry about the item’s trait as long as you’ve researched it, or the item’s quality if you have the upgrade materials for it, since you can choose both trait and item quality during the reconstruction process (see below).

Starting Your “Sticker Book” In Update 28 / Markarth

The first time you log in to each of your characters, it will automatically detect all bound Item Set pieces they are holding, in the Bank, or from Housing storage, and add them to the sticker book. Bound Items previously destroyed or deconstructed before Update 28 will not be detected and not be added to your Set Collections.

Be sure to log in with every one of your characters that is holding Item Sets!

Set Reconstruction

At any Transmute Station, you will now find a new tab called “Reconstruct” that allows you to recreate any Item Set piece you have added to your Item Set Collections.

  • You can use Transmute Crystals to recreate an item at its typical dropped quality as detailed below.

Base Game/DLC Overland Sets Green
Base Game/DLC Dungeon Sets Blue
Monster Helm and Shoulder Sets Purple
Normal Trial Sets Blue
Perfected Trial Sets Purple
Normal Arena Sets Blue
Perfected Arena Sets Purple
Battleground Set Armor or Jewelry Green
Battleground Set Weapons Purple
Cyrodiil Sets Green
Imperial City Sets Blue
Antiquities Orange (Mythic)
  • You can also spend additional crafting upgrade materials to upgrade the item's quality at the transmute station during the Reconstruction process.

  • The cost in Transmute Crystals is variable depending on how many pieces of that item set you have collected. Reconstruction costs 75 Transmute Crystals when you only have 1 piece of that Item Set. Reconstruction cost then scales down to a minimum of 25 Transmute Crystals once you have collected every single piece of that Item Set.

  • The cost of using upgrade materials to improve the quality of your reconstructed item is dependent on your character's crafting passives for that item type and scales down exactly as it would if you were upgrading that item at a regular crafting station.

  • You can recreate the item in any trait you want as long as your character has that trait researched. No trait stone is consumed in this process.

  • Your newly-created item will be marked as “reconstructed” and cannot be traded or sold, but you can deconstruct it to get a small refund of 25 Transmute Crystals.

Reconstructing an item at a Transmute Station shows the cost in Transmute Crystals. The process gets cheaper the more pieces you collect in that set.

Reconstruction And Item Level

Most Reconstructed Items scale in level based on the character you are using to Reconstruct that item. For example, if I log in to a level 25 character, most items will appear as level 25 in the Reconstruction menu. Yes, this means you can Reconstruct some VERY strong item sets for your lower level alt characters including Dungeon Sets and even Trials Sets. However, many of the most powerful set pieces in the game now have minimum level, ensuring that your lower level characters are not impossibly powerful.

Base Game/DLC Overland Sets Any Level
Base Game/DLC Dungeon Sets Any Level
Monster Helm and Shoulder Sets Level 50 CP 10
Normal Trial Sets Any Level
Perfected Trial Sets Level 50 CP 10
Normal & Perfected Arena Sets Level 50 CP 10
PVP Sets Any Level
Antiquities Level 50 CP 160

Some powerful sets can only be Reconstructed at Level 50, CP Rank 10 and above, including Monster Sets and Arena Weapons.

Transmute Crystal Capacity Increase In Update 28

With the Markarth DLC, all players now have an increased capacity for holding transmute crystals: 500 without ESO+ and 1000 with ESO+.

The number of Transmute Crystals you can earn from most PvE sources, including Undaunted Pledges, LFG rewards, Trial Weekly Quests, and Arena and Trial Leaderboards has also been increased.

Other Interesting Things To Note About Set Collection & Reconstruction

  • Monster Sets have 6 total pieces to collect including:

    • heavy head

    • medium head

    • light head

    • heavy shoulder

    • medium shoulder

    • light shoulder

  • Some Arena Weapons only have one piece to collect such as the Maelstrom Bow or Maelstrom Restoration Staff. Once you collect all arena weapons in that set, the set is marked as complete and you can recreate new arena weapons of that type in any trait you want for only 25 Transmute Crystals, assuming you have researched the trait. This is 100% cheaper than Transmuting the weapon into a new trait using typical Trait Transmutation which costs 50 Crystals!

  • Normal and Perfected Weapons or Armor Sets count as separate collectible sets.

  • Mythics items can be reconstructed for 25 transmute crystals each. No more regrinding Mythics once you get the first!

  • Armor Of The Trainee, Bahraha’s Curse, Syvarra’s Scales and Sithis’ Touch are the largest collectible sets in ESO with a total of 36 pieces each. This includes all weapons and jewelry for each set as well as all possible armor weights including light, medium and heavy armor pieces.

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