Mirri Elendis Companion Guide

by Hack The Minotaur

Beginning with the Blackwood Chapter in 2021, The Elder Scrolls Online is introducing Companions to the game! Two Companions will be available to start: Mirri Elendis, a female Dark Elf and Bastian Hallix, a male Imperial.


Mirri Elendis Background Story

Mirri comes from a minor Dark Elf family that has a somewhat checkered reputation for recovering ancient relics, especially items tied to Daedra and the Daedric Princes. Her father was a former Hlaalu merchant who wasn’t above trading some of the antiquities they acquired for gold or favors, while her mother was more of a procurer of said curiosities, delving into ruins with audacity and aplomb.

Mirri is competent and hard-working, but she’s in no way easy to deal with. She despises authority figures and constantly skirts along the edge of trouble with the local law. She bends the rules nearly to the breaking point, but she gets things done. When she doesn’t get her way, her mood turns darker than the bottom of Malacath’s black boot. And the only thing fouler than her mood is her mouth—she curses like a Sea Elf pirate!

Mirri could be a useful companion in your journeys, as you never know when you’ll need the expertise of a “Daedra Consultant” during your Gates of Oblivion adventures. Just try to avoid souring her mood—lest you find yourself overwhelmed with inventive new expletives!

How To Unlock Mirri In The ESO Blackwood Chapter

You can unlock Mirri by purchasing the Blackwood Chapter for ESO and then completing her Introduction Quest in the Blackwood zone. Mirri’s starting quest, “Scattered And Shattered,” is found at the Northern edge of Blackwood at Doomvault Vulpinaz.


Mirri Elendis Rapport Ratings

Companions in The Elder Scrolls Online use a Rapport system which indicates how much a Companion likes or dislikes you. Be careful not to offend your Companion too much or they may no longer join you in your journeys! Increasing your Companion’s Rapport can also unlock more quests and dialog options with them.


Actions that Increase Rapport With Mirri

  • (Achievement) Visiting a Daedric Delve or Public Dungeon

  • (Achievement) Fighter's Guild daily quest

  • (Achievement) Crafting an alcoholic beverage

  • Reading a book from a bookshelf

  • Antiquity Excavation

  • Stolen drinking and reading-related treasures

  • Murdering Goblins

  • Murdering Large Snakes/Serpents (Lamia not included)

Actions that Decrease Rapport With Mirri

  • Gathering flying insects

  • Killing using the Blade of Woe

  • Visiting Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (cooldown time unknown, but long)

  • Completing a Sacrament

  • Boats


Mirri Elendis Companion Perks

Mirri Elendis has a special Companion Perk that you can unlock called Mirri’s Expertise. With this Perk:

Treasure chests found through Treasure Map and in the Overland have a chance to provide additional loot through hidden compartments.


Companion Gear and Equipment

Each Companion is a fully customizable combat NPC. This means that you can build your Companion into a specific Combat Role such as Tank, Healer, DPS or a hybrid. One of the main ways to customize your Companion is through Companion Gear.

Companions in ESO currently cannot use the same sets as Players. Instead, they have Companion Gear. Companion Gear is fairly basic, only offering static a static Armor Bonus for armor pieces or a static Damage Stat for Weapons. However, Companion gear also comes in 9 Unique Traits that further customize your Companion’s Combat Role.

The 9 Companion Gear Traits are:

Aggressive Increases Companion Damage Done per piece equipped.
Augmented Increases duration of all Companion Buffs and Debuffs per piece equipped.
Bolstered Reduces Companion Damage Taken per piece equipped.
Focused Increases Companion Critical Strike Rating per piece equipped.
Prolific Increases Companion Ultimate Generation per piece equipped.
Quickened Reduces Companion Ability Cooldowns per piece equipped.
Shattering Increases Companion Penetration per piece equipped.
Soothing Increases Companion Healing Done per piece equipped.
Vigorous Increases Companion Maximum Health per piece equipped.

Mirri’s Elendis Companion Skills

Mirri starts out with basic skills very similar to that of the Nightblade Class in ESO. Mirri’s Companion Skills are found below. Click on a Skill Name for Full Details.

Deadly Assassin (Damage)

Shadow Slash Shadow Slash
Mirri slashes an enemy, dealing 8189 Magic Damage and setting them Off Balance for 7 seconds.
Warp Strike Warp Strike
Mirri flashes through the shadows and ambushes an enemy, dealing 8189 Magic Damage.
Slayer's Blade Slayer's Blade
Mirri thrusts a magic blade with lethal precision to finish off an enemy, dealing 24569 Magic Damage. Used when the enemy is below 25% Health.
Impeccable Shot (Ult)
Impeccable Shot
Mirri marks an enemy and exposes their weakness, causing them to take 20% more damage for 3 seconds. While the enemy is exposed they build up to a single killing shot, unleashing a massive bolt that deals 24569 Physical Damage.

Living Shade (Tank)

Ghostly Evasion Ghostly Evasion
Mirri surrounds themselves in a phantasmic aura, dodging the next attack made against them while alos reducing their damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds. Used when Mirri is below 75% Health.
Masque Of Torment Masque Of Torment
Mirri terrifies nearby enemies, causing them to cower in fear for 4 seconds.
Twilight Mantle Twilight Mantle
Mirri shrouds themselves in refreshing shadows, healing for 25% of their Max Health and becoming invisible for 6 seconds, causing most enemies to stop attacking them. Used when Mirri is below 50% Health.

Soul Thief (Heal)

Life Absorption
Life Absorption
Mirri steals an enemy's life force, dealing 4094 Magic Damange and healing themselves or an ally around them for 8346 Health.
Blood Transfusion
Blood Transfusion
Mirri infuses an ally with blood, healing them for 12510 Health over 8 seconds.
Life Siphon
Life Siphon
Mirri siphons the vigor from the blood of enemies nearby, dealing 4094 Magic Damage and healing themselves and their allies for 4173 Health.


Increases damage done by 3% and healing done by 3%.

Weapon, Armor and Guild Skill Lines

Mirri Elendis can also use Companion Skills from the following Skill Lines:

  • Two Handed

  • One Hand And Shield

  • Dual Wield

  • Bow

  • Destruction Staff

  • Restoration Staff

  • Fighter’s Guild

  • Mage’s Guild

  • The Undaunted Guild

  • Light Armor

  • Medium Armor

  • Heavy Armor


Mirri Elendis Companion Builds


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