Ultimate ESO LEVELING Guide

Top 5 Ways To Level From 1-50 In The Elder Scrolls Online

by Hack The Minotaur

Whether you are a new player trying to reach level 50 for the first time, or an experienced player looking to level up a new class or build, there are some easy tricks for leveling up fast. In some cases you can level up a new character all the way to level 50 in just a few hours!

These are my Top 5 Ways to Level Up FAST in The Elder Scrolls Online.

5) Grinding Enemies For Experience

“Grinding” can be one of the most effective ways to gain experience in ESO by far, but it can also get boring at times., so I don't recommend that you do this all day long, and especially NOT if this is your first time playing the game. If you are brand new , you'll want to take breaks for things like questing, exploration, grouping, crafting and so on to really experience the entire game first. But, when you're ready, and you really want to focus down and gain those levels FAST, grinding enemies is extremely effective.

To make enemy grinding even more efficient, make sure to pick a location that's not too crowded, has fast enemy respawn times and a large amount of enemies that can be easily pulled towards you. For this reason, melee enemies like zombies, spiders or bears tend to be the absolute best just because they won't stop halfway through your pull to cast spells or shoot an arrow at you, but really - any type of enemy is fine, as long as you can find lots and lots of them in a specific area. For more tips and some lesser known grind spots that are amazing, I do have several video guides already on my channel, so make sure you check those out when you get a chance.

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Finally, don't forget to grab your training gear, experience scrolls and double XP event items and remember that grouping up with another person will add even more experience and let you drop enemies even faster.

4) Exploration

ESO has literally thousands of potential named locations that you can find acrossTamriel and add to your map, and each time you do, you get free experience. In addition to this, completing and clearing certain locations like Delves, Dungeons and Dolmens gives you an extra, one-time experience boost that's absolutely massive. All of this experience of course is amplified further by things like experience scrolls and the other bonuses we mentioned before.

Not only this, but as you explore you also have more chances to find things like treasure chests (which can give you set items as well as gold and experience), and of course Skyshards which can be combined to give your character skill points, helping you unlock new skills that can make your character stronger. As you explore, also don't forget to read every bookshelf you come across as these can give you free skill points too in specific skill lines, and watch out for Lorebooks, especially mages guild books if you are a magicka focused character.

3) Questing

I've put this higher on my list because the quest lines, the characters, and the voice acting in ESO is still some of the best you can find in any RPG currently on the market in my opinion, especially when you consider how huge this game is and all the DLC and chapter content that we now have access to after 6 full years.

Every quest in ESO does give you a good chunk of XP for completing it, but keep in mind that some quests actually give you more experience than others. Short basic quests like “Gather 5 Ingredients or Kill 10 Wolves tend to give the least amount of experience, while longer, more elaborate quests tend to give the most experience. This includes the main base game story line, the DLC's and Chapter quests (ie. Greymoor, Summerset, Morrowind) and the main ques tlines for each of the 3 faction alliances. Not only that, but these main quests also usually give you set items and a free skill point, so I recommend you complete as many of these as possible.

2) Dolmens

If you don't know what Dolmens are, these are the Deadric anchors that have invaded Tamriel as part of the main ESO story line. Every zone in the base game has 3 Dolmen spawn points. When each dolmen spawns it brings in wave after wave of Deadra enemies with it, providing plenty of experience as you and others finish off each wave. After all the waves have completed a final boss spawns, and then when you defeat that final boss the Dolmen is cleared and you get even more bonus experience, so you're basically getting XP on top of XP.

Now a couple of tips here are that more players fighting against the Dolmen will cause more enemies to spawn in at each wave. So fighting against a Dolmen with other players around can actually offer a lot more experience than facing off against a Dolmen by yourself. More enemies equals more experience. For this reason, it also makes sense to join a Dolmen group, if possible.

Now in terms of how to fight, ranged weapons or abilities will be your best friend here as these allow you to do damage to enemies quickly from afar without having to move into melee range.

Finally, try to complete all 3 Dolmens in the zone if possible by running between wayshrines and teleporting near each Dolmen as it respawns. If done correctly, you should have almost no downtime between Dolmen spawns, providing an absolutely massive experience gain. Check out the guide video below for some of my favorite Dolmen Grind locations.


1) The Daily Random Group Finder

This is my absolute favorite way of quickly gaining XP right now in The Elder Scrolls Online.There are some limitations here, basically you can only do a few of these per day, but the XP gained is absolutely massive. To start, go under activity finder, then select one of the random group finder options which will put you in a random group dungeon or on the PVP side of things into a random battleground.

For the random group dungeon you must complete the entire dungeon to get the reward, but as soon as you do you'll see that massive experience boost come in. Depending on how many experience boosts you have active you can actually gain 2-3 levels at a time from this, plus you'll get the extra experience and skill point from the dungeon quest if this is a new dungeon for your character. With training gear and an XP potion active, I have gained as much as 3-4 levels at once after completing one random group dungeon.

PVP battlegrounds has a similar XP boost, and you don't even have to win the battlegrounds match to get it! All you need is for your team to place at least 2nd and you will get the same random reward bonus experience. And If you don't get it the first time, keep trying.

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