ESO’s TOP 5 Best Pet Builds

by Hack The Minotaur

Pet Builds can be a fun and unique way to play The Elder Scrolls Online, but they can be difficult to set up and get working efficiently. In this guide, we’ll review my Top 5 Favorite Pets and how to play them as effectively as possible.

Pet Build #5 - Stamina or Magicka Nightblade

Let’s jump right into our number five Pet Build for this list which is going to be the Nightblade. Now, normally in this list I will specify either a stamina or magicka build, but in this case, both builds can use the same Pet ability nearly equally well, so I'm going to list them both together here for simplicity. Now what ability can you run as a Nightblade to create a quote unquote pet build? Well the skill and morph that I like to use on the Nightblade class here is Dark Shade from the Shadow Skill line.

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You can see this does AOE (Area Of Effect) magic damage while also debuffing all nearby enemies with Minor Maim, causing them to do less damage. This is a helpful utility skill for sure thanks to that debuff, but the damage here also scales with your highest stat which means that it can technically be used on either a Stamina or Magicka Nightblade build with some success.

Now I will say that Dark Shade does fit a little bit better on Magicka Nightblades in my opinion because you can pair this pet skill with the Necropotence set to buff your max magicka extremely high as long as that pet is active, so keep this in mind if you want to focus on buffing your magicka pool as high as possible on the nightblade.

The Necropotence Set is a great option for any Magicka focused Pet Build.

The Necropotence Set is a great option for any Magicka focused Pet Build.

Lastly, you can choose to go with the Shadow Image morph of the same skill which also provides the same debuff but gives you even more utility as you can now teleport directly to the shade whenever you need to get out of trouble, making this a great option for Nightblade PVP builds.

Some great Nightblade Builds that utilize pets can be found below.

Pet Build #4 - Stamina Sorcerer

Next, let's talk about the number four pet build on our list which is going to be the Stamina Sorcerer. Now, Sorcerers in general have more pet focused abilities then most classes thanks to the Daedric Summoning Skill Line. And while most of these abilities either cost magicka to cast or are an ultimate ability, some of them actually scale very well with stamina builds. Specifically we're talking about our buddy the Unstable Clannfear.


As you can see, the Clannfear does physical damage which will syncronize well with a Stam Sorc for DPS purposes, especially since you don't need to cast the ability to do damage - it just automatically attacks for you which is great to simply your rotation.

Not only that but this ability also can heal you and the Clannfear whenever you recast the skill and it functions as a taunt in many solo situations which is one of my favorite ways to play. I love running this on a stamina sorcerer bow build, letting the Clannfear tank for me while I sit safely in the back with some juicy bow skills firing from range.

Also, we can't forget to mention the Summoned Atronach Ultimate here on the stamina sorcerer which does big damage and is one of the longest duration ultimates in the game. Something to keep in mind is that Ultimates do scale up with your highest stat so even though it does do shock damage that damage will be further increased by buffing your own stamina and weapon damage.


Finally, one of my favorite sets to run as a stamina sorcerer pet build is the Aegis Caller set from the Unhallowed Grave dungeon. This literally summons and air atronach which while not technically a commandable pet looks pretty sick and fits in great with the stamina sorcerer theme.


Some great Stamina Sorcerer Builds that utilize pets can be found below.


Pet Build #3 - Magicka Necromancer

Number three on our list of the top five Pet Builds for The Elder Scrolls Online is the Magicka Necromancer. Now I do think the Magicka Necromancer here is a better choice for a pet build than the Stamina Necromancer even though there are stamina morphs for most necromancer skills. The reason for this is that stamina are usually more effective when they run a decent amount weapon skills rather than those class skills which means you can play as a stamcro pet build, but you're usually just better off using those weapon skills instead.

The Magicka Necromancer on the other hand has many powerful pet-like abilities starting with our defense/healing buff called Spirit Mender. Either morph of this is fine - Spirit Guardian will give you some additional defense which is great for solo builds and PVP while Intensive Mender will be great for necromancer healer builds.


Spirit Mender is fantastic first because it counts as a true Pet in ESO which means it will again let you run sets like Necropotence for the extra max magicka while a pet is active, and second it give us the amazing Undead Confenderate passive which increases both our magicka and stamina recovery.

Then we've got the Skeletal Arcanist skill from the Gravelord Skill Line which is actually pretty strong because it does AOE damage rather than single target.


Our primary damage ability, Stalking Blastbones, also counts as a summoned pet which along with spirit mender and skeletal arcanist gives you basically an army of undead pets to do your bidding which looks and feels amazing. So if you like dark themed pet build then definitely check the magicka necromancer.

Some great Magicka Necromancer Builds that utilize pets can be found below.


Pet Build #2 - Stamina Warden

Moving on to number two, let's talk about one of my favorite builds: the Stamina Warden. There are so many great options you can do on the Stamina Warden whether you want to play solo, grind experience or play as a DPS in a group - you just have a lot of flexibility here. Now, my personal favorite is the Stamina Warden bow build. All of these builds function really well with the Bear Pet Ultimate: Wild Guardian. This comes from the Animal Companions skill line, does massive damage, both single target and AOE which is great. You can also reactivate the skill for even more execute damage.


Now Bow builds are not the only way to go with Stamina Warden. Melee builds work just as well in conjunction with that bear pet - I usually prefer two handed which is going to fantastic for solo content and arenas especially.

One final note on our stamina warden. There is actually a nice stamina focused pet armor set you can get from Maelstrom Arena called Hunt Leader. This gives you a solid heal and stamina sustain every time your pet does damage which will very easily be procced by that bear pet.


Some great Stamina Warden Builds that utilize pets can be found below.


Pet Build #1 - Magicka Sorcerer

And, of course, last but not least we have our big daddy #1 pet build, the classic ESO pet class, the Magicka Sorcerer. Magicka Sorcerers do better than their stamina counterpart thanks to two very powerful pet abilities. The first is Summon Volatile Familiar which does very consistent AOE damage plus a nice stun at the end. This is the other morph of Unstable Clannfear which we used on the stamina sorcerer build back in #4.


In addition, you have the Twilight Familiar pet, which can be morphed into either a damage dealer pet called the Twilight Tormentor or a healer pet called the Twilight Matriach.

Honestly these are both fantastic abiities and its hard to choose just one morph. If your goal for your pet build is to deal damage exclusively then I would select the tormentor obviously. However, if you want more flexiblity then I would definitely go with the matriach. The Matriach morph still does some damage though less than the Tormentor but that extra burst heal can be an absolute life saver. It's also one of the strongest heals in the game so yes you can run a Pet based healer on the magicka sorcerer too.

Don't forget you can also run the Summon Storm Atronach Ultimate for a 3rd pet. And to unlock a 4th pet, check out the Maw Of the Infernal Monster set which can summon the fire breathing daedroth for you very consistently.


Some great Magicka Sorcerer Builds that utilize pets can be found below.


Honorable Mentions

These builds are not quite as powerful as the Top 5 Builds listed above, but they do include some nice options for Pets as well, so they may be worth checking out.

1) Magicka Warden

The Magicka Warden has may of the same Pet Abilities as the Stamina Warden listed above. However, Magicka Wardens do tend to have better ultimates to use than the Bear, including Elemental Rage and Northern Storm, so using the Pet Ultimate often can put your build at a disadvantage.

2) Werewolf

The Werewolf in ESO has any interesting possibility for Pets thanks to the Ultimate Morph. This summons two dire wolves to fight by your side. These wolves can help create that feeling of running in a Pack, even while playing Solo!

The Final Word

Keep in mind that while Pet Builds are a fantastic and fun way to play in The Elder Scrolls Online, they may not always be the most efficient or “meta” builds for a particular play style. However, if all you want to do is play and enjoy the game with a pet by your side then definitely check out those builds.


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