Best Beginner Class For ESO

What Is The Best Beginner Class In ESO?

by Hack The Minotaur

Most classes in The Elder Scrolls Online can do every kind of content the game has to offer, however the three classes presented in this guide are the best option for new players due to their ease of play. These classes have strong offensive and defensive skills, and their abilities frequently give you more than one bonus for casting them, helping you to do more with less abilities.

These are the best classes in order of strength and simplicity for new players getting started in The Elder Scrolls Online.

1) Sorcerer

2) Templar

3) Warden

These options are all extremely powerful at any level and can be used to play solo or in a group in multiple different playstyles including stamina based builds, magicka based builds, in PVE or PVP. So if you're looking for a strong class that's also flexible and easy to play then keep reading. Build options for each will be presented throughout the article as well.

3) The Warden Class

Warden's are ESO's true master of nature. They have the ability to summon animal companions to do damage, heal themselves and allies with spores and vines and protect themselves and others with frost magic. Many powerful abilities belong to the warden class, so let's go over some of the best and why they work so well.

Stamina Warden Bow Build with Wild Guardian Ultimate

First, in Animal Companions, Wardens have one of the strongest damage skills in the game in Subterranean Assault and Deep Fissure. This skill does AOE damage, meaning it can hit multiple enemies at once, which is great for clearing through enemies in PVE encounters. Also, the fact that this ability is timed makes it a powerful burst combination option for PVE Builds because you can layer that damage on top of damage from other skills hitting at the same time. Growing Swarm and Fetcher Infection are great options for inflicting damage over time on your enemies and these provide debuffs as well. Then you have Bird Of Prey which is a great option for mobility and increased damage - again providing multiple buffs in one ability to keep things simple.

With the Green Balance Skill line, Wardens have many great options for both self-healing and group healing as well, meaning you'll be able to solo many encounters on the warden class, but also specialize as a healer to compete in tougher group dungeons and trials if you want. For example, stamina wardens have an AOE burst heal in Soothing Spores, one of the few stamina-based heals in the game. Wardens also have lots of passive healing such Green Lotus and Lotus Blossom which trigger based on light and heavy attacks, which means in many cases you don't even need to think about your own healing which makes staying alive on a warden even easier.

And speaking of staying alive, wardens have many fantastic defensive skills located in the winter's embrace skill line. For example Ice Fortress provides two defensive buffs in one - then you have Arctic Blast, an AOE stun and self heal, as well as shimmering shield, a damage shield that absorbs projectiles while also giving you major heroism to buff your ultimate generation? Yeah, this class is strong.

As far as starter builds go, again, the flexibility of Warden's class-based skills means they can fit nearly any role in the game. My personal favorite a stamina warden bow build using the many animal companion skills that have stamina morphs for ranged damage with those bow weapon abilities for some nice synergy. Throw in the Wild Guardian ultimate aka the Bear Pet and you've got a seriously fun build.

Recommended Warden Skills:

Subterranean Assault Animal Companions Stamina Warden
Deep Fissure Animal Companions Magicka Warden
Growing Swarm Animal Companions Stamina Warden
Fetcher Infection Animal Companions Magicka Warden
Bull Netch Animal Companions Stamina Warden
Blue Betty Animal Companions Magicka Warden
Bird Of Prey Animal Companions All
Enchanted Growth Green Balance Magicka Warden
Soothing Spores Green Balance Stamina Warden
Green Lotus Green Balance Stamina Warden
Lotus Blossom Green Balance Magicka Warden
Ice Fortress Winter's Embrace All
Shimmering Shield Winter's Embrace All

Recommended Warden Builds:

2) The Templar Class

The Templar is ESO's go to Holy Warrior class with an emphasis on the power of the sun, healing and defensive abilities. Like the Warden, the Templar's strong ability to self heal or heal a party as well as strong defensive buffs mean you can do pretty much anything you want in The Elder Scrolls Online - whether you want to play Solo or run group Content - PVE or PVP - the Templar class can literally do it all. What makes the Templar a better choice for beginners on our list is again that high concentration of defensive and healing abilities combined with strong passives.

Since I mentioned passives let's actually start there. Templar's main spammable skill, either Biting Jabs or Puncturing Sweep is not only a strong damage skill, but it also grants multiple passive bonuses for using it - including the spear wall passive for free major protection and the burning light passive for free bonus damage.

The Dawn's Wrath skill line also has many great passives that will make your first class even easier to play including cost reduction through restoring spirit and extra ultimate generation through Prism. The templar class also has one of the games only sources of minor sorcerery thanks to the illuminate passive which will increase you and your groups spell damage by 10%.

Dawn's wrath has one of the strongest magicka-based execute skills in the game in Radiant Glory and Radiant Oppression. But if you're interested in a stamina build, Power Of the Light from Dawn's Wrath is also an incredibly strong burst skill that also debuffs your enemies resistances.

Magicka Templar’s strong healing and defensive capabilities makes them a great option for new players

Finally, let's talk about the healing and defensive capabilities of the Templar which make it such a strong choice for beginner builds. These come primarily from the Breath Of Life and Honor the Dead skill, which is the arguably the best magicka-based burst heal in the game. You also have repentance which is an amazing heal and sustain tool for stamina templar builds. Extended Ritual is fantastic for PVP builds as this removes negative affects from you and your allies and finally you have channeled focus and restoring focus which grant you 50% increased armor and bonus sustain in a single ability.

So as you can see, we have just tons and tons of amazing build options with the Templar class. Some of my favorites are of course the Stamina Templar which is a great PVE DPS option but also an incredibly fun and powerful PVP class. If you want a magicka build, of course templars make fantastic healers all the way from level one when you unlock rushed ceremony. So throw on some magicka gear, grab your heals and you also have a great group build.

Recommended Templar Skills:

Biting Jabs Aedric Spear Stamina Templar
Puncturing Sweep Aedric Spear Magicka Templar
Blazing Spear Aedric Spear Magicka Templar
Power Of The Light Dawn's Wrath Stamina Templar
Purifying Light Dawn's Wrath Magicka Templar
Radiant Glory Dawn's Wrath Magicka Templar
Breath Of Life Restoring Light Magicka Templar
Repentance Restoring Light Stamina Templar
Extended Ritual Restoring Light All
Channeled Focus Restoring Light Magicka Templar
Restoring Focus Restoring Light Stamina Templar

Recommended Templar Builds:

1) The Sorcerer Class

Finally, our number 1 class for Beginners in ESO is here and of course we have the Sorcerer Class. Sorcerers have some of the most powerful skills and passives in the game but what really separates them from other classes in ESO is the how most of these skills give you either automatic damage or automatic healing. Let me explain.

First, let's talk about the daedric summoning skill line which is all about summoning daedric pets to do damage for you. These pets are unique in that you have to keep the skill slotted on both your main skillbar and your backup skill bar, but the tradeofff for this is that your pet is always there for you and never needs to be recasted as long as they stay alive. This means as soon as you enter combat your pets are already doing damage for you without you having to press a button. Of course your pets also have additional special effects which you can use such as the stun from Volatile Familiar and a massive group heal from Twilight Matriarch which makes them even more powerful.

A Magicka Sorcerer Pet Build using Volatile Familiar and Twilight Matriarch

Another strength of the Sorcerer class is their speed and mobility that comes from the Storm Calling skill line. For stamina sorcerer builds, the hurricane skill applies minor expedition and for magicka sorcerers, Boundless storm gives them a short burst of major expedition for even greater speed, and both skills apply major resolve which provides about 6000 armor. And don't forget Streak! This skill can be used by both magicka and stamina sorcerers to get out of trouble or quickly stun enemies and is a great skill for PVP.

Speaking of PVP, if you are interested in that playstyle then a magicka sorcerer or a stamina sorcerer is going to be a great choice because of the previously mentioned mobility and strong self healing from critical surge. This skill heals you every second as long as you are doing critical damage to a target.

In terms of builds, as I've said both magicka and stamina sorcerer offer great build options for getting started in PVP, but if you want the ultimate easy, beginner build for PVE content then definitely check out the magicka sorcerer pet focused build for a really easy time completing most content in the game. And if you're looking for something different I actually have a stamina sorcerer pet build using bow on my channel as well which is a lot of fun so I'd recommend that one too.

Recommended Sorcerer Class Skills:

Crystal Fragments Dark Magic Magicka Sorcerer
Crystal Weapon Dark Magic Stamina Sorcerer
Summon Volatile Familiar Daedric Summoning Magicka Sorcerer
Summon Twilight Matriarch Daedric Summoning Magicka Sorcerer
Hardened Ward Daedric Summoning Magicka Sorcerer
Bound Armaments Daedric Summoning Stamina Sorcerer
Boundless Storm Storm Calling Magicka Sorcerer
Hurricane Storm Calling Stamina Sorcerer
Critical Surge Storm Calling All

Recommended Sorcerer Builds:

Where to go next?

If you are a new player I also recommend checking out some of our beginner guides here. The Elder Scrolls Online is absolutely huge, so the more you understand the more fun you can have!

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