Dragonknight Class Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online


The Dragonknight Class in The Elder Scrolls Online calls upon the spirit of powerful dragons, summoning powerful Flame and Poison magic to sear and claw their foes. These Dragonknight Builds are great for Beginner, Solo, Group, PVE and PVP Content!

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Is Dragonknight A Good Class In ESO?

The Dragonknight is a powerful melee-focused magical Bruiser class in The Elder Scrolls Online that has plenty of strengths for all types of playstyles. Thematically the class centers around, you guessed it, playing like a Dragon. Most Dragonknight abilities fit into this theme in some way, whether it's summoning wings, talons or spikes and doing either Flame or poison damage.

In terms of solo and group content on the Dragonknight class, they can be strong in both cases. For solo builds, you'll be able to specialize in both magicka or stamina Damage Over Time (DOT) effects which can be extremely effective, plus their ultimate and resource generation makes for some great passive sustain when using those powerful ultimate abilities. In groups, Dragonknights have been the go to Tank class in ESO since launch due to their strong healing and defensive passives. They can even make for strong DPS builds as well or a unique flame-based healer if you want to give it go. So, while the Dragonknight is not the easiest class to play once you master the skills they can be insanely powerful in many different situations.


What Skills Are Best For The Dragonknight?

The best Dragonknight skill is Burning Embers, which heals you while also doing damage over time to an enemy. This can even be cast on multiple targets at once!

Dragonknights in The Elder Scrolls Online are Damage Over Time (DOT) specialists with other powerful abilities like Venomous Claw and Noxious Breath which makes the class particularly well-suited for long fights. The Dragonknight also has one of the strongest single-target damage skills in the game with the Flame Lash skill.

Dragonknight Tanks will want to make consistent use of skills like Volatile Armor for the extra resistances and Choking Talons for the crowd control.

Dragonknight Healers can use skills like Obsidian Shard and Cinder Storm for group and AOE healing scenarios.

PVP-focused Dragonknights will want to make use of the powerful lockdown skill Fossilize.

The best Dragonknight Ultimate is Standard Of Might which does massive AOE damage while also increasing your damage done and reducing the damage you take from enemies. The ultimate also comes with a powerful group synergy.


For more information on Dragonknight Skills explore the Dragonknight Class Skill Line Guides below.


What Weapons Are Best For The Dragonknight?

The best weapon for Dragonknights currently in The Elder Scrolls Online is Dual Wield Daggers. This weapon will compliment the melee range of most Dragonknight abilities while also providing extra Critical Chance through the Twin Blade and Blunt passive.

The Inferno Staff is also a great option for the Dragonknight class for its increased range plus greater access to flame based debuffs like the Burning status effect.


What Armor Should a Dragonknight Wear?

The best armor for the Dragonknight class in The Elder Scrolls Online is medium armor, which provides bonuses to Critical Damage, Weapon and Spell Damage, Stamina Recovery and Cost Reduction of Stamina-based skills.

There are some exceptions to this rule, particularly if you prefer magicka-based skills. In this case you will want to prioritize light armor instead which boosts your Critical Chance, Offensive Penetration, Magicka Recovery and Magicka Cost Reduction.

Tanks as well as players interested in PVP will also want to invest in some solid Heavy Armor sets for the extra protection.

For more information on Armor Types in ESO check out our full guide here.


What Is The Best Race For Dragonknight?

The best race for a Dragonknight in The Elder Scrolls Online is Dark Elf due to their bonus Max Magicka and Max Stamina and increased Weapon and Spell Damage which provides better damage and sustain for all resource types.

It is important to note that sometimes other races can be preferred depending on what particular build you are trying to optimize for. For more details be sure to review our ESO Race Guides for each role.


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