Isobel Veloise Companion Tank Build For ESO

by Hack The Minotaur

The SHIELD SAINT build is a strong option for Isobel Veloise as a Tank Companion in The Elder Scrolls Online. Isobel is one of two new Companions available to ESO players that purchase the High Isle Chapter. Since Isobel is essentially a Templar in terms of her skill lines, she does amazingly well at tanking, healing and survival! Isobel should have no problem at all staying alive in most situations and can do some very helpful bonus healing for you as well. So if you’re looking for the BEST Tank Companion Build for Isobel in The Elder Scrolls Online this is the one for you!

Equipping Your Companion With Gear

Companion Gear pieces are rarely dropped from enemies in ESO, with a greater drop chance from bosses in Overland Zones, Dungeons and Trials. Keep in mind also that Companion Gear will only drop for you if your Companion is currently summoned - no companion, no drops!

Companion Gear is tradable and can be sold by other players so it is possible to find what you’re looking for from a variety of sources. Finally, some Merchants in major cities do also sell basic Companion Gear, but without any traits.

For more information on the best places to farm Companion Gear, make sure to check out the Companion Gear Guide linked below.

Companion Gear Traits and Quality

Companion Gear is basic equipment that offers a static Armor Bonus or Damage Stat plus Companion specific traits. These 9 unique Companion Gear Traits further customize your Companion’s combat role for tanking, healing or DPS.

The 9 Companion Gear Traits are:

  • Aggressive - Increases Companion Damage Done per piece equipped.

  • Augmented - Increases duration of all Companion Buffs and Debuffs per piece equipped.

  • Bolstered - Reduces Companion Damage Taken per piece equipped.

  • Focused - Increases Companion Critical Strike Rating per piece equipped.

  • Prolific - Increases Companion Ultimate Generation per piece equipped.

  • Quickened - Reduces Companion Ability Cooldowns per piece equipped.

  • Shattering - Increases Companion Penetration per piece equipped.

  • Soothing - Increases Companion Healing Done per piece equipped.

  • Vigorous - Increases Companion Maximum Health per piece equipped.


Recommended Traits For Isobel As A Companion Tank

When building Isobel Veloise into a Tank Companion it will be important to maximize her Health and Defense as well as reduce the cooldowns of her abilities as much as possible. The recommended Companion Traits for this build to help in that regard will be Vigorous, Bolstered and Quickened. Below you will find a sample build template with optimized Companion Armor weights and traits. Keep in mind that this is just a template and you can mix and match pieces however you see fit or depending on which Armor pieces you have available. Each piece makes a small difference in the overall power of a Companion Build, but combined they can be quite powerful!


Isobel Tank Build Equipment

Here are the Companion Gear pieces, weights and traits I recommend for Isobel as a Tank.

Weapon/Armor Trait Weight
One Handed Weapon Vigorous NA
Shield Vigorous NA
Head Quickened Heavy
Shoulder Quickened Heavy
Chest Quickened Heavy
Waist Quickened Heavy
Gloves Quickened Heavy
Legs Quickened Heavy
Feet Quickened Heavy
Necklace Vigorous NA
Ring 1 Vigorous NA
Ring 2 Vigorous NA

Isobel Companion Tank Skill Bar

Companions utilize a “Priority and Cooldown” system for combat. This works by giving every companion ability a cooldown of several seconds. Companions then can cast each ability as it comes off cooldown according to the skill order assigned on the companion skill bar. The Companion will attempt to cast each skill in order from the first ability to the last, then reset once all the cooldowns have expired. For more information on Companion Skills and Cooldowns, check out the Full Companion Guide.

Additional Skills

The skills below may also be helpful in other situations such as trash pulls.


Isobel Companion Tank Passives

Decreases ability cooldowns by 3% and damage taken by 3%.
Increases healing received by 1% for each piece of Heavy Armor equipped. Current bonus: 7%. Increases the amount of damage blocked by 1% for each piece of Heavy Armor equipped. Current bonus: 7%.

Build Tips For Isobel As A Tank

The Shield Saint build for Isobel is focused around rotating big shields and heals against hard-hitting bosses. With this build, Isobel is capable of keeping herself healed through most any fight, even against multiple enemies! Simply stay behind the boss while Isobel tanks it for you, allowing you to do massive uninterrupted damage!!


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