Mirri Elendis Companion Bow DPS Build

by Hack The Minotaur

The DEADSHOT Build is an easy Bow DPS Set Up for Mirri Elendis, one of the new Companions available to ESO players starting in the Blackwood Chapter. The theme of this build is focused around maxing our Mirri’s Ranged Damage as much as possible! The fact that Mirri’s Ultimate skill is also a Bow type ability makes her perfect for this build, though it can work on Bastian too with some tweaks.

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Companion Gear

Companion Gear pieces are Rarely Dropped from enemies in ESO, with a greater drop chance from bosses in Overland Zones, Dungeons and Trials. Companion Gear will only drop for you if your Companion is summoned. Companion Gear is also tradable and can be sold by other players. Merchants in major cities also sell basic Companion Gear, but without any traits.

For more information on the best places to farm Companion Gear, make sure to check out the Companion Gear Guide linked below.


Gear Set Up

Weapon/Armor Trait Weight
Bow Aggressive NA
Head Aggressive Medium
Shoulder Aggressive Medium
Chest Aggressive Medium
Waist Aggressive Medium
Gloves Aggressive Medium
Legs Aggressive Medium
Feet Aggressive Medium
Necklace Vigorous NA
Ring 1 Vigorous NA
Ring 2 Vigorous NA

Trait Explanation

Aggressive - Increases Companion Damage Done per piece equipped.

Vigorous - Increases Companion Maximum Health per piece equipped.

Alternate Traits

These traits will also be beneficial for this build.

Quickened - Reduces Companion Ability Cooldowns per piece equipped.

Focused - Increases Companion Critical Strike Rating per piece equipped.


Companion Skill Bar

Companions utilize a “Priority and Cooldown” system for combat. This works by giving every companion ability a cooldown of several seconds. Companions then can cast each ability as it comes off cooldown according to the skill order assigned on the companion skill bar. The Companion will attempt to cast each skill in order from the first ability to the last, then reset once all the cooldowns have expired.

Additional Skills

The skills below may also be helpful in other situations.

Companion Passives

Increases damage done by 3% and healing done by 3%.
Increases damage done by 1% for each piece of Medium Armor equipped. Current bonus: 7%. Decreases the cooldown of Roll Dodge by 5% for each piece of Medium Armor equipped. Current bonus: 35%

Build Tips

The DEADSHOT Build is focused around maximizing the ranged damage possible on a Companion. Using the Bow seems to be one of the best methods for this, as we have two very strong damaging abilities in this skill line as well as one great option for crowd control. Supplement these abilities with any others you want, but I prefer Starfall and either Vanish or Parallel for the utility.

Mirri is not invulnerable to damage, so if possible, it helps to slot a group heal to keep her health from decreasing too low. A good option for this would be Echoing Vigor if you play a Stamina Build or any class heal if you play a Magicka Build.

See this build in action by watching the video below!


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