Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online offers nearly infinite paths and play styles for customizing your character. A Character Build for ESO is simply a specific way of playing the game that you enjoy and find effective, and usually includes specific choices for that character like certain Skills, Gear Sets, Champion Points and much more. You can build your character in any way you want. For example, your build might be focused on group or solo play, PVE or PVP content, tanking, healing, dealing damage and much more.

On this page you will find various build categories and types of builds for The Elder Scrolls Online. Creating the most unique and fun builds possibly for ESO is something that I greatly enjoy and I’m sure you’ll find something here that you enjoy playing too!

ESO Class Builds

The Elder Scrolls Online currently features 6 classes that each offer their own unique identity and play-style. The 6 classes available in ESO are the Dragonknight, Nightblade, Templar, Sorcerer, Warden and Necromancer.

Select a class below to explore more unique and powerful build options.


ESO Solo Builds

Players can Solo much of the content available in The Elder Scrolls Online including Delves, Public Dungeons, World Bosses and even some Group Dungeons. Soloing content meant for a group can be quite challenging, so having the right build can make a BIG difference.

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ESO Beginner Builds

Starting from Scratch in The Elder Scrolls Online can be a challenge! That’s why we created these Beginner Builds for each class in ESO, highlighting the best early Gear Sets, Skills and Passives to get you playing quickly and effectively!

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ESO One-Bar Builds

Are you tired of constantly bar-swapping and recasting skills in ESO? We’ve taken the best skills for each class and condensed them down into simple one-bar builds that are incredibly easy to play. No complicated rotations or trials gear needed here!

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ESO XP Grind Builds

These builds are designed to absolutely destroy large groups of enemies as quickly as possible! If you’re looking to farm XP fast in the Elder Scrolls Online then look no further! These powerful builds are Grind Gods!

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ESO Hybrid Builds

Hybrid builds in The Elder Scrolls Online combine Stamina and Magicka abilities for a well-balanced and engaging approach to combat unlike anything else in the game. These builds are highly flexible and offer a fresh approach to ESO for those that want to try something new!

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ESO DPS Builds

We’ve created by far the simplest and easiest DPS Builds available for the Elder Scrolls Online, allowing you to bring BIG damage numbers to your group while not having to rely on having the best end-game gear or most complex rotations. Ready for effective and EASY DPS? Let’s get started!

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ESO PVP Builds

PVP in The Elder Scrolls Online is all about Survival. Those who can outlast their opponents will win! These PVP Builds for ESO were created with the perfect balance of Damage, Sustain and Survival in mind to help you compete and win in ESO PVP.

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ESO Werewolf Builds

Werewolf Builds in The Elder Scrolls Online combine brute strength with impressive bonus stats, making you a BEAST on the battlefield! These builds are easy to create and can help you unlock the true potential of the Werewolf in ESO.

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ESO Vampire Builds

Vampires in The Elder Scrolls Online use the shadows to their advantage in order to drain the life from their enemies and and empower their own skills with Blood! Ready to become the ultimate Vampire Edgelord? Let’s go!

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Members Only Content

We have a Membership Program through YouTube that allows for some great perks including Early Access To Content and our Exclusive Members Only Build Video Library! This builds are INCREDIBLY Powerful, Off-Meta, and a blast to play.

Check out our full list of Members Only Videos.


Recently Updated Builds

We’re always working to keep our ESO builds up to date for you! Check out the latest updates below for fresh ESO Builds!