Solo Necromancer HYBRID PVE Build

by Hack The Minotaur

The Bone Doctor is a HYBRID Build for The Elder Scrolls Online, mixing Dual Wield and Destruction Staff Skills along with the Necromancer’s powerful undead summons and strong survival toolkit for a fantastic Solo or Group set up. This build is incredibly unique and a blast to play!

Primary Sets

This Hybrid Build for the Necromancer Class in The Elder Scrolls Online is focused primarily on increased damage utilizing both Damage Done and Critical Damage modifiers. This allows you to do very solid DPS as a solo build, with a Companion or in a group setting. To help with this, a high-powered Set focused on Critical Chance and Damage that works great on this build is going to be Medusa. For even more damage I recommend combining the Kinra’s Wrath Set. Finally, Arena Weapons can provide a powerful boost to the overall damage of this build if used correctly.

7 Important Tips For Soloing Dungeo...

Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(3 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(4 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(5 items) Adds 892 Critical Chance. Gain Minor Force at all times, increasing your Critical Damage by 10%.

Kinra’s Wrath

Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
(3 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(4 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
(5 items) Dealing damage with a Light or Heavy Attack grants you a stack of Burning Heart for 5 seconds, up to 5 stacks. While you have 5 stacks, you generate an aura of wrath, granting you Major Berserk, increasing your damage done by 10%. While you have an aura of wrath, allies within 12 meters of you gain Minor Berserk, increasing their damage done by 5%.

Executioner’s Blade (Vateshran Dual Wield)

Set bonus
(2 items) Hidden Blade deals up to 250% more damage to targets under 100% Health when you are standing behind them. Restores 1890 Stamina if the target was below 50% Health.

Crushing Wall

Set bonus

(2 items) Your Light and Heavy Attacks deal an additional 1353 damage to enemies in your Wall of Elements.

Sets Discussion & Alternatives

For an alternative version of this build you may consider using a Monster set instead of Arena Weapons. A great options, especially for Solo Players is Iceheart for the additional Frost Damage and Shield. To simplify the build even further, consider sets that give you free buffs like Major Brutality and Major Sorcery such as Rattlecage.


Set bonus
(1 item) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(2 items) When you deal Critical Damage, you have a 20% chance to gain a damage shield that absorbs 5000 damage for 6 seconds. While the damage shield holds, you deal 500 Frost Damage to all enemies within 5 meters of you every 1 second. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.


Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage
(4 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage
(5 items) Adds 171 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage, Gain Major Brutality and Sorcery at all times, increasing your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 20%.

Gear Set Up

Weapon/Armor Set Trait Weight Glyph
Main Hand Executioner's Blade Daggers Nirnhoned / Sharpened NA Damage Poisons
Backup Maelstrom Destruction Staff Infused NA Weapon/Spell Damage
Head Kinra's Wrath Divines Medium Tri-Stat
Shoulder Kinra's Wrath Divines Medium Tri-Stat
Chest Medusa Divines Heavy Tri-Stat
Waist Kinra's Wrath Divines Medium Tri-Stat
Gloves Kinra's Wrath Divines Medium Tri-Stat
Legs Medusa Divines Heavy Tri-Stat
Feet Kinra's Wrath Divines Medium Tri-Stat
Necklace Medusa Bloodthirsty NA Magicka Recovery
Ring 1 Medusa Bloodthirsty NA Spell Damage
Ring 2 Medusa Bloodthirsty NA Weapon Damage

Consumables, Race, Mundus


My favorite race option for this build is the Khajiit due to the increased Critical Damage and Max Stats. For additional strong Hybrid race options you will want to consider Dark Elf, High Elf and Orc.

For more details on all ESO Races and passive bonuses be sure to check out our Full ESO Race Guide.


The Thief

Food/Drink Buff

Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Tri-Stat Potions


  • 26 Magicka

  • 0 Health

  • 38 Stamina


Main Weapon: DUAL WIELD - Click on a Skill Name to learn more

  1. Mystic Siphon or Ruinous Scythe

  2. Blighted Blastbones

  3. Inner Light

  4. Shrouded Daggers

  5. Camouflaged Hunter

  6. ULT: Temporal Guard

Backup Weapon: INFERNO STAFF - Click on a Skill Name to learn more

  1. Degeneration

  2. Unstable Wall Of Elements

  3. Unnerving Boneyard

  4. Spiked Bone Shield or Skeletal Aracanist

  5. Spirit Guardian

  6. ULT: Pestilent Colossus

Passive Skills

Class Passives

Weapon Passives

Armor Passives

Guild Passives



Skills Discussion & Rotation


Keep up Spirit Guardian at all times for the extra healing and protection. Use Bone Shield as needed.


Start on the Backbar with Degeneration, Unstable Wall and Unnerving Boneyard -> Bar Swap -> Blight Blastbones -> Shrouded Dagger x2 -> Blastbones -> Mystic Siphon -> Shrouded Dagger -> Blighted Blastbones -> Bar Swap


Remember to light attack between every ability!


If you like playing Solo, this build can benefit greatly from using Companions! This Solo build will benefit the most from the additional healing and defensive options a tank focused Companion can offer, so if you are going to use a Companion I would suggest a full tank build for them. I recommend Bastian Hallix for Companion on this build with the set up below. More information on Companions Builds and Skills can be found in our detailed Companion Guides section.

Recommended Gear

  • All Heavy Armor - Mixed Vigorous and Quickened Traits

  • One Handed Weapon and Shield

Recommended Skills

1. Provoke

2. Drake’s Blood

3. Kindle

4. On Guard

5. Ritual Of Salvation

6 ULT. Unleashed Rage

Additional Skills

The skills below may also be helpful in other situations such as trash pulls.

Full Companion Build

Champion Points 2.0

Below you will find the recommended Active and Passive Champion Point Stars for this build, broken down into 300, 600, 900, and 1200 CP ranges.

For more information on Champion Points click on a Star name below or browse our detailed Champion Points Guides.

Constellation Descriptions:

  • GREEN: The Green Craft Constellation is focused on crafting and utility-centered upgrades.

  • BLUE: The Blue Warfare Constellation focuses primarily on increasing player damage, healing and defenses.

  • RED: The Red Fitness Constellation is focused on character survival and sustain.

- 300 Champion Points -




- 600 Champion Points -




- 900 Champion Points -




- 1200 Champion Points -





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