Vampire Dragonknight PVE Tank Build

by Hack The Minotaur

The IRON VAMPIRE is a unique look at PVE tanking with a Vampire theme. This build has some incredibly powerful options for damage mitigation, both through item sets as well as Vampire passives. In addition, the amount of self-healing this build can offer is off the charts, especially when using the Vampire Ultimate. Of course we are also using the standard tanking skills and passives which work so well on the Dragonknight Class for an extremely effective build. Be warned, this build is extremely fun to play!

Primary Sets

The Recommended Items Sets on this build focus around reducing your incoming damage through increased Armor values and increased damage mitigation. In addition, these sets also offer a lot of great self-healing, making it nearly impossible for you to die in combat.

First, the Ironblood Set from the Falkreath Hold dungeon grants us 30% damage reduction for 10 seconds when we start taking damage. There is a 10% chance of procing this effect, but it is still up quite a bit, especially when tanking multiple enemies at once. Note that the effect can only occur every 15 seconds so there is essentially a 5 second cool down on this massive damage reduction, which is not bad at all!

Next, the Crimson Twilight Set from the Castle Thorn dungeon is an amazing self-healing set. This set damages nearby enemies every 8 seconds as long as you are taking damage. Every target you damage heals you for the same amount of health, so the more enemies you fight the bigger heal you get you back!

Finally, for the Monster Set we’re going with even more self healing and defense with the Scourge Harvester Set. This set gives us the Major Vitality buff increasing our healing received by 16% and also giving us lots of healing over time when we take damage.

Click on a Set Name below to learn more.


Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Adds 1487 Armor
(4 items) Adds 1487 Armor
(5 items) When you take damage, you have a 10% chance to turn your blood into pure iron 10 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 30%, but your Movement Speed is reduced by 50%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.

Crimson Twilight

Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(4 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(5 items) After taking damage you surround yourself in an 8 meter mist of blood. After 2 seconds, the mist is violently siphoned into your body, dealing 8220 Bleed Damage to nearby enemies and healing you for 100% of the damage done. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds.

Scourge Harvester

Set bonus
(1 item) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(2 items) When you take damage, you have a 10% chance to create a beam that steals 7490 Health over 6 seconds from the attacker. While the beam holds you gain Major Vitality, increasing your healing received by 16%. The beam breaks if the enemy moves further than 8 meters away. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.

Alternate Sets

If you like the powerful self-healing of this build but don’t have access to the Stonethorn DLC, another great option is the Leeching Plate set from the Imperial City Prison dungeon. This provides a similar healing effect though it heals for less and more frequently.

Leeching Plate

Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(4 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(5 items) When you take damage, you summon a cloud of leeching poison under the assailant. The cloud deals 1180 Poison Damage every 1 second for 5 seconds and heals you for 100% of the damage caused. A cloud can be created once every 5 seconds.

For a build with more group support two great options you will want to work towards having on hand are Ebon Armory and Claw of Yolnahkriin. Ebon provides 1000 extra max health to you and your group while Yolnahkriin gives your group Minor Courage, increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage.

Ebon Armory

Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(4 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(5 items) Increases your Maximum Health by 1000 for you and up to 11 other group members within 28 meters of you.

Claw of Yolnahkriin

Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
(4 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
(5 items) When you taunt an enemy, you give yourself and 11 group members Minor Courage for 15 seconds, increasing your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 215. This effect can occur once every 8 seconds.

Gear Set Up

Weapon/Armor Set Trait Weight Glyph
Main Hand Crimson Twilight 1h and Shield Infused / Sturdy NA Absorb Stamina / Stamina
Backup Crimson Twilight Frost Staff Infused NA Crusher
Head Scourge Harvester Infused Medium Tri-Stat
Shoulder Scourge Harvester Sturdy Light Magicka
Chest Ironblood Infused Heavy Tri-Stat
Waist Ironblood Sturdy Heavy Health
Gloves Ironblood Sturdy Heavy Health
Legs Ironblood Infused Heavy Tri-Stat
Feet Ironblood Sturdy Heavy Health
Necklace Crimson Twilight Healthy NA Magicka Recovery
Ring 1 Crimson Twilight Healthy NA Magicka Recovery
Ring 2 Crimson Twilight Healthy NA Magicka Recovery

Consumables, Race, Mundus


My favorite race for this build is Nord due to the extra resistances, health and ultimate generation. Other great options include Imperial, Orc, or even Argonian. For more details on all ESO Races and passive bonuses be sure to check out our Full ESO Race Guide.


The Atronach

Food/Drink Buff

Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Tri-Stat Potions or Basic Magicka Potions


Main Weapon: One Hand And Shield - Click on a Skill Name to learn more

  1. Igneous Shield

  2. Exhilarating Drain

  3. Pierce Armor

  4. Heroic Slash

  5. Defensive Stance

  6. ULT: Temporal Guard

Backup Weapon: FROST STAFF - Click on a Skill Name to learn more

  1. Elemental Blockade

  2. Unrelenting Grip

  3. Inner Rage

  4. Sanguine Alter

  5. Hardened Armor

  6. ULT: Swarming Scion

Skills Discussion & Rotation

Buff Rotation

Buff with Hardened Armor and maintain Sanguine Alter. Also keep Heroic Slash up as much as possible for the Minor Heroism.

Healing and Defense

Use Exhilarating Drain for the healing as well as the ultimate generation. Igneous Shield should also be used regularly for the damage shield as well as extra stamina sustain.

Passive Skills

Class Passives

Weapon Passives

Armor Passives

Guild Passives



Champion Points 2.0

Below you will find the recommended Active and Passive Champion Point Stars for this build, broken down into 300, 600, 900, and 1200 CP ranges.

For more information on Champion Points click on a Star name below or browse our detailed Champion Points Guides.

Constellation Descriptions:

  • GREEN: The Green Craft Constellation is focused on crafting and utility-centered upgrades.

  • BLUE: The Blue Warfare Constellation focuses primarily on increasing player damage, healing and defenses.

  • RED: The Red Fitness Constellation is focused on character survival and sustain.

- 300 Champion Points -




- 600 Champion Points -




- 900 Champion Points -




- 1200 Champion Points -





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